Pharmaceutical Solutions for the Betterment of the Community

Pharmaceutical Solutions for the Betterment of the Community

Manufacturing Facility


MED-Wholesale provides pharmaceutical supplies and services based in Bamako, Mali. Our location is conveniently accessible from multiple locations.

Our buildings are constructed through the use of materials that are of high quality. The flooring for all the processes that take place inside the area is well-secured and complies with all the standards required by various governing agencies and pharmaceutical organizations.

We have an underground drainage system and a water locking system that serve as a waterproofing solution and more to prevent the possibility of water damage to our machines, as well as our products.

All rooms that have specific purposes maintain a personalized room temperature to control the humidity and all necessary adjustments for the purpose of achieving the desired outcome and quality of items.

Corrosive agents and flammable solvents that come in the form of packaging material, raw materials, and more, are kept in a separate warehouse to avoid the possibility of major damage and loss.